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is a software allowing to quickly create "pastes" on
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1.1 (See all) is a website allowing the users to easily create "pastes". "Paste" is a slang word meaning a text that you paste from your clipboard. is generally used to paste chat conversations, part of a source code, and text of an error... The goal of creating a paste on is to share it with other: after creating a paste, you get a link allowing users knowing it to access the paste you created. You can create a public or a private paste: public paste can be found on the Pastebin search or Google whereas private paste can only be accessed with the link. There is also the possibility to create a password for more confidential pastes.
Pastebin desktop is a software that allows you to easily create pastes, link them with your account if you want to, and make them public or private. In the software, you can click on "My settings" that will allow you to change any settings of the application: whether you want your pastes to expire or not, whether you want to have a default syntax highlighting etc. You can also change the hotkey that creates a paste of your clipboard when pressed.
Bottom-line: For regular users of this tool is a must-have and will spare them a lot of time. The software although won't be much help for occasional users.

John Static
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  • Lightweight
  • Can connect to your account
  • Can create a paste from the clipboard in one click
  • Configurable


  • The window tends to disappear when you click outside of the window (you need to click on the tray icon to make it appear again
  • While latest notification is not closed, the window is frozen
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